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Eyes Closed

Improve your sleep

Dr Andrew Weil suggests that a steam bath can improve your sleep...

Relieve stress

One reason many people use a steam shower, either in their home...

Breathe better

Steam inhalation is one of the most widely used home remedies...

Muscle relief

Have you ever wondered why gyms have steam rooms?


Steam showers may improve your overall wellness 

A hot steam spa may have a physiological effect on the body and mind which is very similar to that of a sauna (except moist). The hot vapors and heat may open up the pores, increase metabolism, elevate the heart rate, and the body may begin to sweat. This can result in wellness benefits, especially when a hot steam-filled environment is used safely and frequently (please read precautions). Some spas have also introduced the use of aromatherapy in their systems to provide additional wellness benefits to assist in relaxation and perhaps improve breathing. Enjoy a Serene Steam Spa in your own shower enclosure with our patented heated vapor delivery system, and a functional essential oil mechanism included with all models.

In use with our optional LED light


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