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Retrofit Instant 

No Hard Plumbing Required - DIY (applies to this model only)


Main water supply

Essential oils inlet

LED lights & timer

Steam hot/vapor flow



Pamper yourself, and transform your shower into a personal steam spa 

Invigorating steam infused with Essential oils. Breathe, and engulf your body in the healing environment of hot vapors and soothing Aromatherapy, and treat yourself to the rejuvenating benefits produced by a Serene Steam Spa system.





Except for basic exterior connections

What is the Retrofit Instant model?

Retrofit Instant has been slightly modified from a "coming soon" model to function in any shower enclosure without the need for any plumbing or shower construction at all. This model will stand upright against your shower wall and produces a steam spa with Essential oils and our LED light feature. Retrofit Instant is connected to your existing shower head arm via a food grade shower hose and temporarily replaces your shower head when using the steam spa system. Attachments for both the steam spa and your shower head are included for an easy quick-connect capability  which allows you to easily switch between your regular shower head and the steam spa. Due to safety provisions this model is required to function as described so that you can not use your shower head and steam spa at the same time. This feature is mandatory..


An important note regarding this model

Due to the current global crisis, Serene Steam has used it's best endeavors to offer a steam spa system which can be used within hours of un-boxing as apposed to our regular models which require plumbing etc. Even though this model as described has been slightly modified in our manufacturing facility it still offers the same quality in appearance and functionality as all Serene Steam models, with the major difference being that it can be used within hours of purchase and may be considered a DIY project. Please note other restrictions which may affect non-essential elements when ordering this model such as packaging. Due to the shut down of several resources we utilize, packaging, boxing and printing may be more generic than our traditional models as we are unable to utilize these resources at this time. All manuals for installation and product use will be available for download only at this time. Our goal is to offer this unique, one-of-a-kind steam spa (as it's already known), so you can enjoy all the benefits of our traditional models without the need to wait for plumbing, construction etc. during this challenging and unprecedented time.


We are producing these models as fast as possible with limited resources so inventory is limited. 

This is the only model available to purchase directly from Serene Steam (this official site) for a limited time only, or until further notice.

Will this model function in my shower enclosure?

Yes. There is no hard plumbing, nor construction required for this model to function impressively in any standing shower. For optimal performance it is recommended to use shower enclosures within 140 cubic feet. Serene Steam has been hard at work innovating our latest breakthrough making it possible to operate this steam spa model with an "instant-use" capability. In this regard, "instant use" means being able to use the product without hard plumbing but still required to be installed correctly before use. To make this possible, there are several, simple factors which are required for use, and explained further. 

All components required for use in our descriptions are included with your purchase.

They are:

The main Steam Spa system

20 sq Feet tile flooring

Quick-connect adapters

Curtain extension rod


It is required to use our included drainage mat floor (similar to those used in gym spa's). This will allow any excess hot water (run-off) to safely drain down your existing shower drain without the user coming into contact with the hot run-off. These drainage floors are both heavy duty and aesthetically appealing, and designed specifically for this purpose. These floors will simply be placed on top of your existing shower floor and also add the extra benefit of slip-proofing and are pleasing to the touch. These floors are assembled with a simple snap-in feature and arrive in 12 inch tiles. Available colors at checkout.






It is required to use our quick-connect system so you can easily switch between your shower head  for showering, and the steam spa for creating a steam shower. By using this quick-connect system it will ensure that the user can easily switch between the 2 modes. The reason for this connection type is because unlike our traditional models, the Retrofit Instant is connected directly to your shower arm and the heat control for the steam spa will be controlled by your existing hot/cold mixing valve by simply switching the dial to hot for running the steam spa. After you have completed your steam spa session, you will simply disconnect the hose from your shower arm and reconnect your shower head for shower use with the quick-connect attachment, and not be able to switch directly from steam use to shower head as there will be hot water running the steam system and doing so could cause scalding. Typical use would be: Use the steam system, for a desired period, then shut off the water so you remove the steam connection, and now with out any water running re-attach your shower head.

The only suitable alternative to switching between shower head and steam spa would be installing your new steam spa in a second shower where you wouldn't rely on regular shower features as often. It would still connect via our quick-connect. 


A quick overview before we begin


Shower arm

Quick-connect adapter

Quick-connect  steam spa or shower head

Quick-connect to shower

How will this model work in my shower enclosure?

The Retrofit Instant model has been designed to function in "probably" every standing shower enclosure, as long as your shower enclosure is not a bathtub shower. We have included all the necessary components to transform your shower enclosure into a "Serene Steam Ready" enclosure suitable for use with this model only, except for several recommended accessories displayed which are easily available for purchase form general stores and on line retailers.  Please note that all other Serene Steam models will require industry standard "steam ready" applications, and only the Retrofit Instant model is suitable for our "quick-transformation" steam ready guide as described for this model.

What is included with my purchase?


Serene Steam spa

Creates a hot and humid steam filled environment with hot vapor infused Essential oils, color changing LED lights.


Drainage floor tiles

Provides a wall to wall shower floor enabling the hot run-off produced by the steam spa to drain safely down your shower drain.


Quick-Connect adapters

Creates a simple solution for easily  switching between your shower head and steam spa system.


Expandable curtain rod

Provides a solution for closing the gap above your shower door, assisting with keeping the heat and steam inside your enclosure. 

The bottom line is:








Add an extension to close the gap above your existing shower door or curtain to maintain heat and steam produced by the steam spa system.

Closure options

Extension rod is included.

Use either a linen shower curtain or even a towel will do to hang over the extension rod.

Add the steam spa system with the included mounting bracket. No drilling required.

Add the included wall to wall shower floor by easily joining the tiles.

Recommended accessories for steam use (not included)


A spa bench


Enamel paint 


Essential Oils

Fabric curtain or towel


Add a spa bench for extra comfort during spa use.

Paint exposed drywall in your shower with enamel paint for steam use.

Enhance your steam spa with Essential Oils.

Keep the heat and steam inside your shower enclosure


Main body panel

Available finishes

16g 304 stainless

Height: 32 inches

Width: 5 inches

Depth: 2.5 inches




Polished stainless steel

Brushed stainless steel

Matte black (custom)

Bengal white (custom)

Please Note

Installation and user guides are currently available to download only, and are not included as printed copies due to the current global crisis which has temporarily limited our printing resources.

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