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Live Well

Bring the benefits of a steam spa into your shower enclosure whether you are remodeling, or retrofitting.


No Generator or electricity required.


Beautifully designed to enhance the functionality and appearance of your shower enclosure. 


The benefits of adding our "Escape" model

How would you like to immerse yourself in your own personal steam spa combining heated steam vapors infused with aromatherapy to enhance your senses? Well, you’ve come to the only place on earth that can offer you a steam spa system which doesn’t require any electricity at all and can easily be installed into your home shower enclosure, resulting in a sensory symphony. 

Transform your primary, or any suitable shower enclosure in your home into a steam spa oasis.



Tee into an existing hot water line which will connect to the Serene Steam system just below your existing mixing valve as shown. This is the only connection required and it can be achieved via several methods. Please ask a qualified plumber to assess the easiest method of creating this water connection in your particular shower enclosure.

Remodeling or new construction?

Simply connect to your hot water line and follow all directions in our detailed manual.


Available Colors

Matte Black 

This is an extremely durable, super smooth matte black finish rated for exterior and interior use. 

Ultra White

Semi-gloss white. This is an extremely durable, super smooth white finish rated for exterior and interior use.

Custom Colors

Custom colors are available by special request. We are generally able to match most custom colors. 

The Component  

We utilize innovative methods to create a complete wellness environment producing heat, steam/hot water-vapor infused with your choice of essential oils in an elegant stand-alone unit installed in your shower enclosure. It can be retrofitted or installed during a shower remodel, or into new construction.

Serene Steam combines innovation, luxury and a sense of rejuvenation. Our patented hot vapor feature and integrated aromatherapy feature are included with all models.


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