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Serene Steam Definition


Serene Steam is not an electrical generator

Hmm so what is it?

Serene Steam has invented an innovative method of capturing the hot water vapor directly from your water heater and accelerating it into your shower enclosure. As an analogy only -Think of it as if you hypothetically had your water heater inside your shower enclosure, and your water heater had no top on it with a hot fan blowing the heat off the water together with the steamy vapors into your shower enclosure (of course never do this). With this analogy, we hope to paint a picture in your mind of the hot spa-like environment that we are able to produce in your shower enclosure by using a Serene Steam Spa system. The hot water used is the exact same hot water that you would use while taking a regular shower, we have simply found an innovative method to separate that heat from the water and project it into your shower enclosure creating a hot and humid spa. This only occurs when the steam-spa feature is in use.


When compared with a standard electrical generator (which we are not), a Serene Steam Spa fairs quite impressively as it provides a comparable environment with similar features such as Essential Oil use infused with the steam, or hot vapors which a Serene Steam Spa creates.


Serene Steam offers an alternative, yet similar option for consumers other than a standard electrical generator for enjoying a hot spa environment in your home shower enclosure.


This is also why there is no electricity, nor any further power required (other than your existing water heater) to use and enjoy a Serene Steam Spa.


Since we were able to produce a hot spa aroma filled environment, we have also included other features into some of our models such as a Bluetooth audio system, spa flooring on selected models, aesthetically pleasing designs and many other features depending on the model which you have chosen. 


When our primary spa feature is in use it will create a hot  environment without any other basic shower features present, for example, there would not be shower water flowing into your shower enclosure from your shower head, just a hot spa, aroma filled environment. 


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