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Patented. IAPMO Certified

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Press the play button to see the hot steamy flow.


PLEASE NOTE: There are several proprietary factors which enable the primary elements of Serene Steam to function, and therefore, proprietary information may not be disclosed here. However, below is a general description.


Serene steam uses a sequence of Patented, and Patent Pending techniques to produce a hot & steamy environment in your shower enclosure.


It begins with your hot water heater which supplies the initial energy and water flow required to complete the multiple processes resulting in our spa system being able to produce your hot & steamy enclosure.


Within the main module, there are several occurrences as well as other proprietary factors designed to allow heat, and the hot water vapors to enter your shower enclosure without water being present while this feature is in use. Due to multiple events and further techniques “which are isolated in the main system module (housing)” it may feel like a “Fan type of effect” blowing hot air and steam together, no flowing water would be present inside your shower enclosure during spa use.


The amount of water used for this primary feature is greatly reduced when compared to the water consumption during your regular shower, based on multiple tests, it shows that almost half the amount of water is required for using this feature when compared with a regular shower flow, this test was based on a “Low Flow” shower head producing approximately 2.6 gallons per minute. The Serene Steam steam feature produces approximately 1.3 gallons per minute. Although this is not a scientific analysis of the water flow, the bottom line is that the water flow using our spa feature should indeed be almost half that of your regular shower head flow.

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