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Why is this different from the heat and steam produced from my regular shower?

And does the shower enclosure become hot during Serene Steam use?

There is a significant difference in heat and steam using a Serene Steam spa compared with your regular shower's heat and steam.

The difference is that your regular shower mixes hot and cold water together which delivers a flow of water through your shower head accompanied with the respective heat and steam/vapor it produces.

Serene Steam utilizes
the hot water only during spa use, and regular water does not flow through your shower head simultaneously as would your regular shower, thus having the capability of producing a much hotter, and steam-filled environment compared with your regular shower.

A shower is constructed primarily from materials which typically maintain a cooler environment. These materials such as glass, tile, stone etc. are usually cold to the touch, and would certainly impact the amount of heat, and the time it may take to heat up the shower enclosure with most known steam apparatus. Even though Serene steam continuously projects heat and steam directly into your shower enclosure, it is not possible to determine the exact temperature that your shower enclosure may reach during use, but as with any shower enclosure, the smaller... the better, would be the rule of thumb. Keeping within the recommended shower size chart suggested for Serene Steam use, the heat and steam should be significantly higher than the environment a regular shower would reach, and due to the design and functionality of Serene Steam, facing the unit during use (designed to function this way) should feel really hot, as if a heater was blowing heat and steam onto your body continuously
Another benefit to the design of Serene Steam is that even if you have an extra large shower outside the recommended guidelines, it is possible to place a spa bench a bit closer to the unit and still experience a hot and steam-filled environment

An important note to remember, is that Serene is not using any electricity nor power at all, and is able to create an impressive steam-filled environment much hotter than your
regular shower would. This heated environment also includes the multiple benefits of infused steam and essential oils to possibly boost your wellness in many forms.


Below is a demonstration performed in an actual shower enclosure using Serene Steam with a digital thermometer placed inside the shower enclosure to measure environmental temperatures inside the shower, and room temperature outside the shower during use.

Please note that the steam will dissipate rapidly once the shower door opens. 

Date of video: January 23 - 2020

Location: Southern California

Shower size: 5 x 4 x 8 (height)

Shower materials: Tile

Shower location: Second floor

Enclosure temp: +- 112 F

Outside room temp: +- 75F

Duration of use: 10 mins

Water heater location: Garage

Above results may vary from this demonstration in your personal shower enclosure, and this example depicts the true and un-edited results using Serene Steam with the above listed parameters.

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