The following 6 examples listed below are examples of possible use with Serene Steam. Always position yourself in a comfortable distance from the system (not closer than approximately 12 inches) to experience the moist heat infused with Essential Oils.

Heat Things Up

Our model has placed her spa bench within 2 feet of the spa system, allowing the heat flow to focus on her mid/upper body. Using all system features, steam, essential oils, and LED lights for a sensory symphony.

As an example only, our model has placed her hands within her comfortable distance from the  system (approx. 12 inches) to  experience the moist heat infused with Essential Oils for possible relief. Should you feel any discomfort during use immediately stop using.

Target Your Joints

Place your spa bench within your own comfort zone so you can relax within a comfortable distance from the system. The closer you sit, the more heat you will feel. Experiment with your favorite Essential Oils, breathe & relax.

Essential Oils Healing

Our model has placed her spa bench in her preferred location  from the system which targets  her back for possible comfort and/or relief. She is relaxing, and enjoying the moist heat infused with Essential Oils focusing on her back. 

Target Your Back

Our model has placed her spa bench in a preferred location  which may target any specific area of her body which she would like to focus the moist heat and Essential Oils on. Our model is targeting her shoulders and upper back.

Find Your Own Zone

Our model has placed a slip proof yoga mat on the shower floor to meditate, a  unique, and soothing spa experience is created with spa  music from the Bluetooth audio,  and a moist heat/steam flow infused with Essential Oils.

Being Creative

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