Breathing steam & heat in a humid environment

Infuse healing essential oils 

with heat and steam

in your shower instantly

Research shows that steam showers may improve your wellness by:

Transform your shower into a personal steam spa and breathe in Serene Steam


Loosening mucus and decongests your chest, easing your respiratory system

Opens up your airways allowing increased blood flow to all parts of the body relieving joint and muscle stiffness

Sweat out toxins accumulated in the body

Unlike any other steam shower you have seen, there is No generator or electrical required

Serene Steam's patented system combines steam and aromatherapy in one easy installation in the comfort of your own shower.

Locally designed and manufactured in USA


With An Essential Oil Infused
Spa Session
In your own home
An impressive alternative to regular steam generators

With a Serene Steam system you can enjoy all the benefits of a personal spa in the comfort of your home. Rejuvenate your senses and relax with a hot and humid spa session. 

Serene Steam has invented and designed innovative methods to create a complete wellness environment producing heat, steam/hot vapor infused with your choice of Essential Oils for the ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation as an elegant stand-alone unit installed in your shower enclosure .

Serene Steam is bringing innovation to the wellness culture. The way we perceive and gauge relaxation is about to change with a Serene Steam spa system. Now you have the perfect opportunity to pamper yourself in your personal shower enclosure with a beautifully designed spa system which produces a hot and humid spa environment.

Choose your style
Stainless steel and custom colors available  

Our Mission Statement

Build the best product, create the most joy, use business to inspire and implement solutions to enhance body and mind.

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Made in the U.S.A.

Patented. IAPMO Certified


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