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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the maximum size shower to use?
    120 cubic feet Serene Steam does not require that you have a specific size shower, nor do you need to choose a model based on your shower size. Please refer to the requirements page for details. In our video demonstrated on this web site we have used a shower enclosure which is 120 cubic feet. If you have an irregular, or non-typical shower enclosure that exceeds 120 cubic feet, please contact us and we can discuss building you a custom unit if possible.
  • Do I need anything else to make it work?
    Serene Steam arrives with everything required to operate out of the box, except for basic, off the shelf plumbing parts which will be required, such as water connectors, ABS pipe etc. Please refer to the installation guide for all requirements.
  • Does the product require any generators or additional components?
    No, other than basic off-the-shelf plumbing parts, Serene Steam is a self-contained system that does not require any generators nor electrical at all.
  • How hot will it feel during use?
    Serene Steam utilizes your hot water only to operate the system. While operational, Serene Steam will create 2 heat zones. The 1st zone is referred to as the entire enclosure, and the second zone refers to the "intense heat zone". By default, you will be in the "Intense heat zone" when you are sitting on a bench facing the system. Within this zone you should feel your environment approximately 95-105 degrees F, and possibly above, depending on your shower size. Please refer to the video explanation for greater detail.
  • How can it not require electricity to work?
    Serene Steam has been in development for many years to bring to market a steam spa which uses pure physics, and a combination of water events and sequences to produce the heated steam-filled environment. There is absolutely no electrical required at all.
  • Is it easy to install?
    Serene Steam should be really easy to install by any qualified plumber, there is no major reconstruction required to install. The system is required to be connected to a water line and drain during a shower remodel or new construction. I t is always required that the system be installed by a qualified plumber or contractor within the correct plumbing codes of your region. The best way to describe the installation would be comparing it to installing a wall “Niche” (as an analogy only) and connecting it to a water line and drainage. (Complete installation instructions are included with every unit and are available for download on this site)
  • Can I switch on my shower head at the same time with steam spa use?
    Absolutely yes, Serene Steam functions both as a stand-alone steam spa (which is its primary function), as well as a shower heater to add extra heat and steam while taking a regular shower. When used as a stand-alone steam spa your regular shower head will not be functioning so that you can sit on your spa bench and relax in a steam-filled environment. If you are taking a regular shower and not requiring the steam spa for that moment, simply switch on Serene Steam with your shower head running as normal and your shower enclosure will heat up further with increased steam.
  • How do I know if it will work in my shower?
    There should be no doubt that the system should work in your shower enclosure, it has been designed to connect to any standard water line and drainage that should already exist in your shower's construction. Serene Steam should work in all known shower enclosures when installed correctly, this includes prefab shower stalls as well as regular tiled shower enclosures.
  • Is there any maintenance required after the installation?
    There is no general maintenance required once you've installed the system, other than a basic mesh filter replacement every 2 years or so. This small mesh filter is accessible behind the trim of the system so it should be really easy to access when required. Please refer to the user guide for further detail regarding the mesh filter replacement.
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